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Special Winter Sale-Jan through Feb 2015.

To continue our goal of downsizing our herd, we are currently offering a selection of 10 alpaca females for $500 cash sale each, minimum of two, as non-registered females. ARI registered transfers or pending ARI papers at additional $500, plus ARI fees.

Sandra & Dave & Pizzaz
Accoyo America Satori

We're downsizing our herd to a more manageable size, from 61 to 20, with exceptional pricing of quality huacaya genetics. Due to current health issues, we need to re home more beautiful alpacas. We've bred fineness, density and consistency into colored fleeces, while producing a pleasing to the eye, easy maintenance herd.

Over the years, we've earned our share of Color Championships in shows with our offspring. Come take advantage of our experience and support and build your alpaca herd with pride.

• 14 YEARS breeding and showing for quality fleece, producing cottage and commercial alpaca end products.

• AWARD WINNING HUACAYA HERD. Fiber colors from White, Fawn, Brown, Grey and Black.

• ANIMAL SALES include an elite gene pool for breeding and fiber production, plus mentoring, educational opportunities, guarantees, and easy financing.

We've stopped breeding, as responsible shepherds, put a hiatus on ag tourism until further notice and are retiring from managing a large scale alpaca operation. We've lowered prices on our breed stock and have fiber/pet quality alpacas at major reductions in pricing. We'll still keep a small herd for our own fiber production and enjoyment, but the rest must find new homes prior to next shearing day.

Call us with any questions. 805-237-9640

Dave and Sandra Wallace
Alpacas at Crossroads Ranch
Paso Robles, CA